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current status: not being kissed or riding a dragon this is unacceptable

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Hi guys! I have horse tack for sale in the London, ON area! This includes a Kieffer dressage saddle (I already sold the Crosby)!

The money I make from selling these items is going to go towards paying off the last little bit of left over vet bills from Jasper being sick and buying a new horse (since I’ve only been leasing since Jasper died) so I’d really appreciate if you could share this/give the ad visits (the more visits it gets the more people see it) that’d be super helpful and I’d be really grateful.

In fact, if you share the ad I’ll give you a screenshot promo, or if you just visit it I’ll give you a blog rate (message me and tell me what you did)!

Help a sister out plsplspls

she’s rad and awesome and the money is going towards an important thing and yeah just do it 


Date a boy who isn’t too experienced with horses cause then when you move into a farm together he may not notice if you add extra horses to your herd

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sixteen-three said: multiples of seven.. (:

7: Perfume: Gucci premiere

14: Beach: Calpe in Spain 

21: Theme park: The Wizarding World of Harry Potter (if this counts)

28: Band: Fall Out Boy!

35: President: Abe Lincoln man 

42: Have you made a list of things to do before you die: Well it’s a work in progress

49: Do you want children: Yes I do, at some point in my life :)

56: Favorite web site: definitely tumblr

63: My computer is: stupid as fuck because its breaks down every 10 seconds.

70: Next Weekend: I am going to my beach house!

77: Last time someone said something you were thinking: Today over dinner and Red Robin

84: People call me: My name because Sara can’t be shortened into anything

91: Broke the law: uhhh about a week and a half ago

98: Took a vacation: Got back from one last week!

105: My family: Kinda fucked up but sometimes they’re cool

112: Facebook: It has its uses, but I don’t use it a lot

119: The presidential election: Uh good?

126: Your Birthday or Christmas: definitely christmas 

133. Coach or Chanel: Chanellllll

140: Mac or PC: Mac even though i don’t have one 

147: Autumn or Spring: SPRING ALL THE WAY 

154: Hugs or Kisses: huggggssss

161: Horoscopes: noooooope

168: Luck: Yeah to a degree

175: How many cousins do you have? Well we are close with our very extended family so like i dont even know man, a lot.

182: In my pockets: Dont have any

189: Last book you read: currently reading harry potter an the goblet of fire AGAIN

196: My eye color is: hazellll